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The Advantages of Women Leadership Training

Despite the fact that women play a major role in the corporate industry, there are only 3% women executives in the Fortune 500 Companies. In terms of first level leaders men represent about 51% and women about 49%. However, it has also been observed that as women approach mid and senior level management positions the numbers keep falling off.

The several reasons why women may not play a key role in leadership positions could be attributed to the following factors:

  • There is a lack of development opportunities
  • No women leadership training available at management levels
  • Lack of applicable management culture because too much attention is given to bottom line growth
  • Lack of resources

Women leaders are known to bring in unique capabilities and they make use of their ability to face all kinds of leadership challenges.

The benefits of women leadership training

  • Businesses which make an effort to bridge the gender gap and allow women leaders to come forward have an option of retaining a larger pool of future leaders
  • Having women in leadership roles enables companies to possess a diverse team of leaders who have different perspective and have better ability to think out of the box.
  • Such organizations are known for their culture of equal opportunity and therefore are better able to retain the budding talent as well as attract individuals who are known for their creative leadership abilities.
  • Women leaders who work for companies which focus on women leadership training are often happier and more productive. Their productivity in turn helps keep everyone happy. Employees working under women leaders tend to perform well because their management takes an active interest in them.

What should women leadership training focus on?

There are certain topics which should be the primary focus of leadership training for women in Australia. These include the following:

  • Leadership skill which would enable them to meet specific leadership challenges
  • Use their own personal influence and ability for the betterment of the organization
  • Training which helps women leaders sharpen their business acumen. A program which helps them understand the market, managing talent, financial monitoring and setting goals and then making evaluations.
  • Ability to manage conflicts and resolving issues amiably.

There are also certain topics which are traditional yet equally important that should be implemented. These include developing strategic thinking, team building, honing emotional intelligence and developing presentation and communication skills.

Developing a leadership is important for all companies if they want to prosper and grow. In today’s dynamics, companies which take care of the personal growth of their employees tend to fare well then their competition. It’s a known fact that women leaders bring a great deal more on the table. This is because women have an innate sense of empathy which simply needs the proper training to be used skillfully at the work place. Also individuals working for women leaders tend to outperform those who work for male leaders. This is because they are in sync with their managers and because the communication is free flowing and easy.

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